Dressmaking / Patchwork / Sewing Classes

Sewing Machine (foot pedal, tool box, spare bobbins and needles)
Overlocker (foot pedal, tool box and needles) if required for workshop/course
Sewing Box
Dressmaking scissors
Small sharp scissors
Sewing needles
Tape measure
Tailors chalk
Tacking thread (can be an old reel of thread)
Note pad
Pen & pencil
Paper scissors
Rotary Cutter (Patchwork)
Quilting Ruler (Patchwork)

Extra’s – but not required
Pin cushion
Pinking shears

Knitting Classes

Knitting needles : sizes 4mm and 3.25 or 3.50 minimum
Double Knitting Yarn (DK)
Note pad
Pen & pencil
Small scissors

Extra’s – if required
Cable needle
Stitch markers
Stitch holders (x 2)
Wool Needle
Double Pointed Needles (DPN’s)

Crochet Classes

Crochet hooks : sizes 4mm and 6mm
Double Knitting Yarn (DK)
Note pad
Pen & pencil
Small scissors


Please Note:

The school has two sewing machines which can be booked, first come first issued. However, I highly recommend you bring your own machine if you have one.

The school also has two overlockers for teaching purposes. If you are thinking of purchasing an overlocker for yourself and wish to try a machine before buying, please contact Jacky at